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Flooring Maintenance Tips

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Caring properly for flooring of any kind can extend its lifetime by many years, keeping it fresh and new despite heavy traffic flow and accidents. Whether dealing with hard wood or carpet, tile or marble, you’ll find that a few flooring maintenance tips can keep it in excellent shape with little effort.

Hardwood Floors

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and directions for any hardwood floor installed in your home. Never use products on a wood floor meant for tile or vinyl flooring. To avoid stains from dirt and mud tracked into the house, cover entryways with mats or rugs, as well as outside doors, and be sure to sweep and vacuum to remove excess dirt and dust, which could eventually lead to stains or scratches. Never wet mop a hardwood floor, since standing water can not only dull the finish but leave damage and discoloration of the wood. If you are moving heavy furniture over hardwood flooring, be sure to cover legs with a soft material to avoid scratches.

Carpet Maintenance

The most important thing you can do to maintain your carpet flooring is to vacuum. Dirt and other particles tracked across the surface will cling to the fibers, and while raking and using carpet sweepers will remove surface dirt, a vacuum is required to suck the damaging particles from deep within the pile. Vacuuming also helps to restore any pile that has been trampled to a full look with all the material standing and not beaten down.  If not properly vacuumed, the pile will begin to flatten permanently, and dirt will stain the fibers.

Tile Flooring

Tile is easily stained, but most of the time, with continuous care, the permanent stains can be avoided. Sweeping tile flooring first removes loose particles of dust, dirt, and other debris so that it doesn’t cause scratching or build up in the grout between tiles. Once you’ve swept, mopping will remove any stuck-on materials to leave your tile flooring spotless. The most important thing to do to assure the ease with which you can keep your tile flooring shining for years to come is to make sure the grout is sealed. The grout is the easiest part to stain, and if it is sealed, it will easily clean of packed dirt and other substances just as the actual tiles will.

At Sharp Floors of Dallas, we are committed to helping you keep your home beautiful, and aside from providing quality installation of all flooring and countertop materials, we also strive to assist when there is a maintenance issue on which you need advice. For more information about caring for your particular flooring type, call our Dallas flooring experts today, and speak to a friendly, knowledgeable representative about the options you have.

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