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Carpet Design & Style

Carpet choices are personal and distinct. Carpet is one of the most prominent features in your home and can often reflect who you are – so let Sharp Floors of Dallas help you express yourself. Our carpet design experts are well versed in the market trends and current design standards. You will find beautiful and practical styles that are elegant and easy-care. Every room is important so choosing home or commercial carpet with the right combination of aesthetics, performance, and value is the goal of you local Dallas carpet service.

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Common Carpet Types & Styles

Carefully considering the characteristics and performance of each style will greatly aide your final purchase. The most common types of carpet are:

  • Textured: Cut pile carpeting with alternating twists of yarn that creates a two-tone appearance. A textured carpet hides footprints and vacuum marks and gives off a casual feel in the room. A textured carpet is versatile, fits any room or space in your home and comes in a extensive range of prices and quality.
  • Saxony (Plush): Luxurious, soft, smooth, and velvety carpet because of its uniform twisting yarn makes this plush carpet a more formal and elegant choice for a master bedroom, dining room, or formal living room. This style shows footprints and vacuum marks and would not be recommended for high traffic areas.
  • Frieze: A cut pile carpet with highly twisted yarn which causes each strand to curl over at its end creating a knobby textured appearance on the surface making this carpet style high in durability and wear. The pile heights can differ and create a variety of different looks making frieze carpet great for high-traffic areas.
  • Cable: Constructed of thicker and longer yarn this style is comfortable underfoot and beautiful in a bedroom or living room. Because of the longer yarn, this carpet type will matte and crush in rooms with a lot of foot traffic and is not recommended for hallways, stairs or other active areas of your home.
  • Berber (Looped): Looped carpet is often referred to as Berber. Berbers are bulky yarns produced in a level or multi-level loop construction. Berbers are most often made of olefin fiber but various other blends contain nylon and multi-fiber combinations creating color options of solid, Berber fleck with varying loop levels. Looped carpets are highly durable and are ideal for casual or active family rooms.
  • Patterned: Cut and loop combination carpets have a low profile of yarns creating pattern effects from contrasting surface textures. Very fashionable styles are used casual and traditional rooms and have a high assortment of patterns from geometrics and botanicals. The distinctive carved appearance and multiple colors help disguise stains and high traffic prints.

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