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Silestone Countertops of Dallas Texas

Your Dallas Texas Silestone countertop installation experts know Silestone delivers both beauty and durability with cost-conscious countertop pricing. Silestone is the world's leading natural quartz surface and offers dense, non-porous stones for reliability and performance. Silestone is also known as a superior countertop stone because it is both practical and has a beautiful finish with many interior surfacing applications--countertops being the most popular. Silestone quartz is 100% natural and is available in a range of more than 65 unique colors while its quartz makeup gives Silestone a hard mineral strength contributing to its durability.

Advantages of Silestone Countertops

Silestone's non-porous physical attributes make it both scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. Many solid surface countertops contain plastic polymers which in contrast to natural stone lack brilliance and reflectivity. Plastic also makes them more susceptible to scorches and scratches. Silestone requires no sealilng and will retain its luster almost maintenance free. Available in a variety of beautiful colors and offering more color consistency than granite, Silestone countertops are easy to color coordinate with other design elements in your kitchen. Silestone is also the first and only stone countertop to introduce antimicrobial product protection safeguarding the health of your family. Built-in during manufacturing, antimicrobial technology is not a substitute for normal cleaning practices, but it does protect from most bacteria and is added value and safety for your family and your kitchen.
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