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Marble Countertops of Dallas Texas

Marble brings a classic, elegant look to countertops in any home or business installation. They are tough and beautiful at the same time, whether the surface is polished or honed. Your Dallas countertop installation experts will help you assess the best type and color marble countertop for your needs, based on how the area is used in your installation.

Advantages of Marble Countertops

Marble is a top choice for countertops because of it's classic appearance and variety of colors. Most consumers prefer the solid surface look of a marble countertop, and no two pieces of stone are the same. Two finishes are available. For a shiny finish, choose polished marble countertops. For a soft matte finish, choose honing. Color, finish and origin of the stone all affect the cost of marble countertops. Also, keep in mind that engineered marble may come in more colors and be more durable than natural stone.

Caring for Marble Countertops

One of the downsides to choosing a a natural marble countertop is the potential of scratching or staining. Keep in mind that marble is softer than granite, so requires more delicate use. Marble is best in very high-end kitchens where light food preparation is the norm. Engineered stone countertops tend to be more durable and easy to maintain, however. Many natural stone countertops, like marble, can be periodically resealed to reduce the impace of the material's porous nature.

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