The Diversity of Different Types of Hardwoods

Hardwood FloorsDo you want quality flooring that can last as long as your home? If you pick the right material, you could start a legacy that continues for generations.

There are so many different flooring options available today, but options like carpet and linoleum will wear quickly with high traffic—they have a hard time standing up to decades of children running and playing. However, the solution for busy households is hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors are not only the most durable types of floor on the market, they are also easy to maintain. In fact, many types of hardwood flooring can be resurfaced if they become dented or scratched.

Consider the style and traffic levels of your home when choosing the wood for your flooring project. You can also use the following guide to help you decide.


Oak is a very durable hardwood with a relatively smooth wood grain. This common choice is easy to stain in any color you prefer, and the tough surface can hold a smooth shine after polishing. However, its durability and reputation make it more expensive than other options.


Maple has a light color and even grain, which makes it easy to customize. It is a good alternative to other hardwoods when you want a durable surface without a high cost. In fact, many homeowners choose maple when they want the neutral look of bamboo without the cost.


Pecan has a golden color and a rich rippled grain. Compared to other hardwoods, pecan has an extremely hard finished surface. Its durability makes it expensive and hard to find in many areas.


Cured beech has a strong red color and an even, straight grain pattern. It is considered relatively hard and about as durable as certain varieties of maple. Unfortunately, it is often more expensive than other, more durable wood options.

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Comparing your Dallas hardwood flooring options in person is the best way to decide which fits your needs and allows you to examine the rich hues and amazing grains of our samples from all angles.

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