How to Properly Clean and Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood FlooringWhen we think about hardwood floor cleaning, the first thing we usually think is that most people end up being their own worst enemy! The truth is that a good hardwood floor is something that requires some very specific, but very simple care. When you are looking at hardwood floor maintenance, you can keep it fairly simple.

Regular Sweeping

When you are looking at hardwood floor care, remember that regular sweeping is key. Dirt and dust makes your floor look tired and old, and sweeping will prevent your floor from getting scratched and abrasive over time. Regular sweeping takes very little out of day, and it is entirely worth your time.


From time to time, you may decide that your floor needs a bit of attention, and that is where renting a buffer comes in. A buffer maximizes the shine that you can get from the sealant that is already there, but remember to always check the directions carefully, especially if you have some kind of specialty wood.

No Water, No Problems

When we think about cleaning anything, our first thoughts usually go to water. The truth is that water on your hardwood floor can actually damage the seal, and if water penetrates the seal, your boards are going to warp and discolor very easily. Take a moment to think about how you can just sweep your floors. Do not wet mop them.


Never, ever use cleaners designed for a tile or vinyl floor on a hardwood floor. These cleaners are designed to be harsh enough to clean plastic, and wood is far more delicate. While your hardwood floor can last for decades longer than a tile or vinyl floor might, you will discover that this is only if you take good care of it.

Skip the Heels

Consider what kind of impact is hitting your floors. If you are someone who wears stilettos, you are going to discover that this can leave little dings on your floor that contribute to a very aged look. Skip the stilettos and opt for slippers inside instead.

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